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SnapOn Six-Drawer Compact Split Lid Cart - Used

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Looking for a reliable and sturdy tool storage solution? Look no further than this used 32" white Six-Drawer Compact Split Lid Cart by SnapOn. Designed to meet the demands of professional mechanics and enthusiasts alike, this cart offers a range of features to enhance your workspace efficiency.


  1. Durable Construction: The cart body is crafted with a welded double wall design, ensuring lasting strength and durability.

  2. Ample Storage: With almost 17,000 cubic inches of tool storage capacity, you'll have plenty of space to organize and store your tools.

  3. Powder-Coated Lid: The lid surface is powder-coated to match the color of the cart, adding a sleek and professional touch.

  4. Smooth Operation: Surfaces slide independently on 120 lb capacity ball bearing drawer slides, providing smooth and effortless operation.

  5. Extra-Deep Top Compartment: Featuring a 7" top compartment, perfect for organizing large sockets or using as a secure charging station for power tool batteries.

  6. Optional Accessories Compatibility: Designed to accommodate optional accessories such as the KAPS5 and cord wrap KAPS5BRKT for added versatility.

  7. Convenient Storage Area: Includes a prybar/screwdriver storage area inside the top compartment for easy access to commonly used tools.

  8. Enhanced Security: Equipped with a full-length 2-point locking lid and separate manual rear lock rod for drawers, offering enhanced security compared to single-point locks.

  9. Drawer Locking Switch: Features an independent drawer locking switch inside the top compartment for added security and peace of mind.

  10. Protection and Professional Appearance: (2) shot-molded rubber/nylon corner bumpers help protect nearby objects and provide long-lasting brand identification and a professional appearance.

  11. Maneuverability: With its 32" width and low-vibration rolling, this cart is highly maneuverable and operates quietly, making it ideal for any workshop environment.

  12. Solid Drawer Design: Rolled edges and a rear flange on drawers provide a solid feel to drawers under load, ensuring durability and stability.

  13. Strong Construction: Spot welds spaced 3-4" apart ensure strong and reliable construction, making this cart a dependable addition to your workspace.                                                                                                                                            Note:  This SnapOn Six-Drawer Compact Split Lid Cart is in good overall condition. All slides and locks are fully operable and in good condition, ensuring smooth operation and enhanced security for your tools. While the powder coat is in good condition, there are some minor chips and scratches, typical of regular use. Rest assured, these cosmetic imperfections do not affect the functionality or durability of the cart.