TECH-LIFE BOSS Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker

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 Wireless Surround Sound -Connect the Boss with 100 other Tech-Life speakers, creating gorgeous surround sound wherever the party is - no wires required.
✔ Take Your Music With You -Need a new home stereo speaker? Fixing your car in the garage? Or setting up the ultimate block party? The Boss goes where you go, bringing you amazing quality without the hassle of cords or heavy speakers.
✔ 10-Hour Battery Life - From partying till dawn to a multi-night camping trip, the Boss’s long-lasting keeps you covered and keeps the music coming. (Plus, if your other devices are running low, you can connect them with the Boss to charge them!)
✔ Bluetooth Connected -Keep all the best Bluetooth features by answering calls, activating Siri or your Google Assistant, and connecting to iPhones, Androids, tablets, and more.

Tech-Life's Boss was designed for music lovers that want to crank their tunes and feel the bass. Run up to 100 of them together and have portable sound for your entire warehouse or party.

The Boss is perfect for everyday use. Tech-Life's engineers created this incredible speaker with precision and accuracy, focusing on high fidelity, and achieving the sound quality and volume levels Tech-Life has been known for.

The Boss makes a great gift for any outdoors enthusiast, cyclists, joggers, mechanics, hikers, or the everyday hobbyist.


35W of Bass Booming Sound
10 Hour Battery Life
TL Multi-Link Technology - Connect 100 BOSS Together
Up To 200' Bluetooth Range
USB Power Bank
Bluetooth & Aux Input
Speakerphone & Conference Calls
IPX5 Water Resistant
Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant Compatible
Amazing Sound Quality & Loud Volume